Baby Shower Theme Ideas


A Baby Shower is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a baby. With the baby shower theme in mind, decorating the party is easy! Simply style your new Rubber Duck Baby Shower in yellow with teal green rubber ducks and serve non-toxic, sugar-free drinks. Of course, pink and blue balloons are a must and of course, non-alcoholic sparkling water! TIP: For inexpensive party favors, fill with a treat for each of the guests.

Candles are always an elegant addition to any baby shower theme. If you want to create a more “babyish” baby shower theme, use yellow and pink candles and twinkle lights. The more feminine, the better!

Another creative idea for a baby shower theme is to give away little tins with a cookie theme painted on them. These are perfect for decorating a counter with or as a centerpiece at the party. To make this theme complete, you could paint a cutie picture on one of the pints and stick it on the tin. Guests can then take one home as a souvenir of the baby shower.

When decorating a baby shower, many people like to add bright colors to their cakes. There are many ways to accomplish this such as using pink, orange and red icing for the cake. Then you can add jelly beans in primary colors to the cake or you can just use jelly beans in different colors. For a fun touch, combine two different colors of jelly beans in equal amounts and place them on the top of the cake. You could also decorate the cake by adding little candy hearts and sprinkling some chocolate chips over the icing.

Another way to add some fun to a baby shower theme is to have balloons printed up with the birthday’s or event date on them. To make balloon decorations, simply purchase some helium from your local craft store and purchase balloons in the colors opposite of your event. Attaching a little card thanking the guests for coming and asking how they want to be decorated with the balloons is a great idea. You can find all of these items online or at any party store.

If you want to decorate with balloons, it is a good idea to bring your color scheme and your decorations from home. Purchasing some ready-made balloon decorations for your event is very cheap. You will probably find that most of the balloons that are available in stores are plain so you can easily match them up with the color scheme that you are using. Many parents-to-be like to save money and choose simple colors so their baby showers will be memorable.

To make your own decorations for a baby shower theme, all you will need are balloons, baby favors, colors and/or flowers. If you want to do something different than balloons, consider doing some colorful letters. For example, if you are having a gender-neutral baby shower idea, you could use pink and purple colors for the balloons. The flowers that you choose to place on the tables can be done in many different colors as well. You can have a variety of flowers or just choose a few of them to place on each table.

A gender-neutral baby shower theme idea is to come up with a unique mix of snacks and beverages. The foods that you will serve can be very inexpensive if you are on a tight budget. Some easy ideas include some simple crackers with powdered sugar on them, fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, peaches, kiwi slices, pineapple, lemonade or any other flavor of soda or juice. For drinks, a good mix would be equal parts purified water and lemon juice, unsweetened natural yogurt, vanilla ice cream or sugarfree jello syrup. Both of these mix drinks will cost about ten dollars per serving. Another idea is to purchase inexpensive to make granola bars, and then top with fruits or sprinkles for a sweet treat.

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