Style of the Sixties: Ekco Eterna Canoe Muffin

eterna ekco canoe muffin

Upon rediscovering this flatware pattern in adulthood, it struck me how well this design held up. The clean lines, stainless steel with wooden handles. It feels timeless, yet with a history. And for me, a personal history. 

My grandmother, at her prime during the 50's and 60's had this set of Ekco Eterna "Canoe Muffin" flatware. While I didn't come into being until the 70's... she had a way of keeping  her belongings impeccably maintained. She was probably the first person in my life who truly enjoyed entertaining. While this set of flatware was her "every day" set (she had a gold set she brought out for Thanksgiving and Christmas)... it was this one I always marveled at. 

canoe muffin rental

The thing about mid-century style... is back when it was new, it was ordinary, but today, it stands out as a design classic. In fact, the flatware by this maker, Ekco Eterna, made something upwards of 40% of all cutlery in post-WWII America. They were so common that most everyone who lived during this time has some memory of using their products as they also made kitchen tools and accessories as well. While the Canoe Muffin pattern has been out of production since the 1970s, there are many pieces to be found around online and at estate sales. What is remarkable, is how well this every day set has held up over time. The stainless is usually in very good condition even compared to higher-end sets on the market today.

Either way... it is a pleasure to collect them. I love when a package arrives and upon opening, that smell of the 20th Century comes out even for just a moment, it transports me to those days I spent with my grandmother marveling at her many talents.