How Does Technology Affect Your Children?


Parenthood: Impact your Children?” is a powerful book written by Gary Player. It is a primer on the concept of technology and its impact on our lives. In fact, I was actually prompted to read this book after watching the documentary “GE Global Services.” This is a must-read book if you have a child or are a parent considering having a child.

The author shows us how technology has impacted our lives in a negative way. He focuses mainly on two areas – entertainment and education. He points out that many of our most popular entertainment activities, such as online gaming systems, have negative impacts on society. He also points out the many ways in which our children sit in front of TVs for hours, consuming massive amounts of energy. And don’t even get me started on video game companies’ use of technology in developing their games!

Player claims that by applying this kind of analysis to current issues surrounding children and technology, we can better understand where the problems lie. This book is not just another laundry list of how bad things are – this is an actual book about how technology is affecting children’s lives in the wrong ways. It is written with the experience and knowledge of someone who has been through it all. You will be shocked at some of the things he reveals about technology and how it has affected children’s lives!

The book talks about how the invasion of technology into schools and homes is leaving kids with lower IQs, diminished self-esteem, and lower test scores. It is causing children to become loners, not participating in group activities. It is impacting their relationships with their peers and parents, and it is causing them to lose confidence in themselves. The list goes on.

Is this the end of the road for children as they interact with technology? Not necessarily. Although the author might be a tad disheartened by our current state of affairs regarding education, he does make quite a valid point in asking the question “Is technology ruining our children?” With all of the advances in education in recent years, parents must have realized that there is a huge benefit to teaching kids about echnology impact your children?

What about books about technology that can help guide parents in making the right moves? This book offers some excellent alternatives. For example, if you don’t want to spend money on computer applications that do not integrate with your overall educational goals, you may want to consider buying a book that teaches kids how important it is to be socially responsible. The book even suggests that you may want to consider whether you should invest in your child’s future by purchasing her a laptop or smart phone – both of which are made primarily for social networking purposes.

Another alternative that might help answer the question “Is technology ruining our children?” is a video game for parents. In fact, the book suggests that video games might be a great way to teach children the importance of teamwork. This is because some games require working together as a team, which is a skill that is highly recommended in today’s world. Also, many video games now feature age appropriate content, which means that parents won’t need to worry about their kids getting an early start on some violent or sexual content that they probably wouldn’t like.

The author did leave a couple of key points out of his book. One of these is that children who play video games may be less likely to use technology in general, but they also might be more likely to use certain applications. This book is a good primer on why using technology can be positive or negative, but the bottom line is that parents need to decide for themselves if they think technology has had an impact on their child. After reading this text, hopefully you will be able to make the right decision regarding technology and its impact on your child.

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