What is Co-Parenting? How to Manage Co-Parenting


As the name implies, manage co-parenting with your ex. This is a powerful process that, if you are doing right, can save your relationship with your ex. It may require a lot of patience and work but the results will be worth it. There is no doubt in my mind that the child care arrangement that you have now with your ex will last for a long time to come.

Manage Co-Parenting in the Google Docs. Many of us are now using Google Docs for keeping our social life and business documents online. This makes it extremely easy to access, organize and update such document whenever you want. I especially love the fact that you can create a free version of this document. I am sure you would not mind giving it a try.

Manage Co-Parenting in your daily journals. You might also want to create a free version of your journal with all your ideas, thoughts and feelings about your divorce. In addition, keep a separate daily journal for your kids. You should try to include as much details as possible when you write them down. This will help you think more clearly and understand better what is really happening in your family.

Manage Co-Parenting in a reliable support system. Your spouse probably has his own people that he confides in and you should consider making use of such people. It is important to have a trustworthy support system at your side during this difficult and emotional time. Of course, you should remember to stay away from your ex for now. But establishing a reliable support system will be very important in your co-parenting task.

Manage Co-Parenting in the workplace. There are some workplaces that are highly conducive to co-parenting and you might want to work in one of these if you and your ex have been having constant fighting at work. If you both have access to the same workplace, then it would be easier for you to manage the conflict in your family.

Write down a parenting plan. A parenting plan will guide you through the entire divorce process and it will also make you realize what your goals are for your family. Writing down a parenting plan will also make you more organized and get you focused on the right things. Remember that everything that you do in your life, should serve a purpose. Handling conflict becomes easier if you know what you need to do ahead of time.

Know when to let go. Even after you’ve started co-parenting with your ex, it doesn’t mean that you should let go completely. Remember that you have to give your ex some space to adjust to your new relationship. You should never try to force your ex to adapt to your household, because it will only push them further away and cause even more problems.

Use parenting apps. Parenting apps allow you to stay connected with your kids and gain access to tools that help you handle conflicts. You can find parenting apps that can keep track of your ex’s behavior, measure their reactions to different situations, give you tips for dealing with difficult teenagers and much more. Parenting apps are very useful for co-parenting.

Be pro-active. You may think that staying on top of every single detail is impossible, but think again. In fact, one of the best ways to manage co-parenting is to stay on top of your children’s activities and schedules. You can easily set up a Google calendar to remind you to check in with your ex, as well as to remind you of important upcoming dates such as custody and visitation dates and holiday plans.

Don’t take it personally. Believe it or not, your ex might be feeling as though they’ve been taken for granted. This is especially true if your ex has nagged you about being a good parent and not considering yourself to be one. So the next time your toxic ex decides to go on a tirade against you, remember that they probably feel entitled to such remarks simply because you’re not taking it too personally.

If you are the toxic ex, then this kind of negativity is bound to affect you in many ways. However, if you can learn to manage it well, then you can put your ex back in their rear end. So go out there, get some new parenting tips and learn how to deal with difficult people. There are no guarantees, but you can win your fight against your toxic ex if you try really hard!

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