What to Do If Your Child is Struggling in School


There are many reasons why your child is struggling in school and these problems may be associated with homework, the teacher, or even the tests. One of the first things you should look at when your child is struggling with homework is what may be causing the boredom in your child’s classroom. Children who don’t enjoy school sometimes have a hard time concentrating and they really seem to dread the task of trying to do homework.

Whether you are a foster parent or a biological parent, you are surely be worried if your child is struggling in school.

Have you ever noticed that there is a big pile of school books in your child’s room? Most children have their own set of books which are scattered all over the floor and your child may find this very stressful. Dr. Marquis Curnell, an educational psychologist, says that the constant clutter may cause children to be bored and frustrated with school. In order to combat this problem, Dr. Curnell recommends that you remove the pile of books and give your child a new set of books to start each night. This may sound like simple advice, but it is one of the first things that a lot of parents don’t think about when their children are struggling in school.

Another possible reason that your child is struggling in school may be related to the fact that they don’t feel challenged at all. Children are naturally motivated to do well in school, but if the homework seems to be overwhelming, they will feel that they are unable to accomplish much. One way to make your child feel challenged is to let them know that they are doing good and try to make them feel successful so that they will want to do more in school and feel more motivated.

It is important for children to have their freedom and feel comfortable when they are in school. Having the right attitude can go a long way when it comes to solving school problems. If you are having trouble with school problems, talk to your child about what is going on and ask them how they feel about the situation. Often times, talking to children can make them feel more comfortable and help them understand the situation better. Don’t just assume that something is not working because you are not getting any answers. Sometimes the problem may not be as big as you think and there are many solutions.

Many times, children who are struggling in school may have a hard time concentrating and staying on task. One way to help your child keep on task is to give them structure. Give them a specific time for homework, eat a specific meal each day, and stick to a schedule. Doing these things on a daily basis will help your child feel more secure and help them continue to do well in school.

Sometimes, your child’s classroom may be too loud or distractions may keep your child from focusing. In order to make sure that your child is able to learn and is not distracted, invest in some hearing aids. You may also want to invest in ceiling fans or other devices that will keep the classroom distractions to a minimum. The more distractions, the less your child will be able to focus, so keeping distractions to a minimum is very important. Your child needs to feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment.

Sometimes, your child is just not making the grade that they should be making. This may be a sign of other problems, so take your child to a tutor if you suspect that this is the case. The tutor will be able to give your child individualized instruction and guide them towards the grades they deserve. Even if the teacher does not notice anything wrong, your child still needs individualized attention in order to excel at school.

If your child is struggling in school, don’t let it get you down. Kids who are struggling also have to enjoy the classes and school itself. Kids sometimes turn to substances to make them feel better and school may be a source of those substances. Get help for your child as soon as possible. Don’t let a life-changing educational experience get ruined by a mental health issue.

You might want to talk to your child about their problem so that you will know how to help them. Also, bringing them on vacation in a short period of time maybe help them to freshen their mind.

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